Come join our Alexander Technique summer week!
Treat yourself to some time for yourself, stunning nature and wonderful food in the beautiful small village of Fontaines. Find more relaxation in your body, stillness and better coordination in activities like walking, swimming, computer/desk work and much more! Do you prefer running? Or do you want to work mainly with your musical instrument? It’s all possible. Participants can bring in their own preferred activities. You will get five individual lessons and seven group lessons on different subjects.

An impression of a typical day during our summer week:

  • 8.15 – 9.00 breakfast
  • 9.30 – 10.00 active-rest excercise
  • 10.00 – 10.30 morning walk with Alexander Technique
  • 11.00 – 13.00 private lessons (30 min., rest of the time free)
  • 13.00 – 14.00 lunch
  • 14.30 – 16.00 group lesson AT during: swimming, playing music, desk work, running etc.
  • 16.30 – 18.30 private lessons (30 min., rest of the time free)
  • 19.00 dinner
  • Lounge and chat in the garden or have some quiet time for yourself

Doris Hochscheid & Maaike Aarts
Doris and Maaike each have more than 17 years of experience teaching the Alexander Technique. With their background as professional musicians they also know practically all there is to know about reducing and preventing pain, injuries and stress, and about increasing flow both on the concert stage and in daily life. Learn more about Doris en Maaike.
For questions please contact us bij mail.

Arrival: Saturday August 1st from 13.00
Departure: Friday August 7th from 12.30

The workshop €510,-
(incl. five private and seven group lessons and guided AT activities)

All meals €300,-

Accommodation between €40 ~ €245 a week

The total price for the Alexander Technique summer week will be between €850,- and €1055,- depending on the chosen accommodation.

Travel costs and drinks from the bar, (non)alcoholic, are not included.
Drinks such as tea, coffee, water and fruit juice served at mealtimes and during the breaks are included in the price.

Accommodation (prices per 6 nights):

  • Camping in the plum tree orchard: € 40 euros (shared toilets and showers)
  • Het Vijverhuis ** € 203,- (three bedrooms, shared bathroom and kitchen. Linen and towels included)
  • Apartment La Mouette *** € 224,- (two bedrooms, shared bathroom and kitchen. Linen and towels included)
  • Apartment La Grange *** € 224,- (two bedrooms, shared bathroom and kitchen. Linen and towels included)
  • Chique glamping Safaritent **** € 245,- (one double bed, three single beds, own toilet and kitchen. Linen and towels included)

For a photo impression of the available accommodations please click here.

Would you like to share your accommodation and save money? You can let us know in your application form. We will contact you about the available options.

All meals are vegetarian, home made and wherever possible organic. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served on the walled garden terrace or by the wood stove in the dining room.

For breakfast you can expect freshly squeezed orange juice, fresh baguettes, croissants, whole wheat bread, yogurt, fresh fruit, cruesli, cheese, butter, hard and soft boiled eggs, coffee/tea, milk, jams etc.
Every lunch we will serve a different soup, salad, French cheese, herbal butter and fruit. During the breaks we will have coffee, tea, fruit, water, milk all ready for you.
For dinner we serve exciting and surprising vegetarian meals with lots of fresh vegetables followed by a lovely dessert: a feast for the eye and the mouth!

Location / travel
The lovely, picturesque, quiet farm village of Fontaines St. Clair is situated in the North of France near Verdun. The village only has 50 inhabitants.

Car sat nav address:
7 Rue du Paquis
55110 Fontaines Saint Clair

Interested in sharing your pick-up ride? You can let us know in your application form.

You can also travel by train to the Southern Belgian city of Virton. We can pick you up by car from there. A pick-up fee is charged depending on how many people we take with us from Virton at the same time.

To sign up
If you want to take part please send an email to Maaike Aarts, and she will send you an application form. Registration requests are processed in the order received.
The course is restricted to a maximum of sixteen participants.

If you register before March 1st 2020 you will get a €50,- discount!

After you have chosen your accommodation we will ask you to pay a deposit of  €200,-.

In the unlikely event that the minimum number of six students is not reached by June 1st 2020, the course will be cancelled and your deposit will be refunded.